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Busy, but Thankful – Pasture Posts #40

Wow, it’s been a busy week for us here on the farm as I’m sure it has been similar for so many of you as holidays like Thanksgiving can be at times.  We truly hope that you and your family were able to find some time to relax and give thanks. 

As I was discussing with some of our team yesterday, one of the greatest blessings we have seen in a long time is the incredibly positive response from the growing number of consumers who source their food from a local farm like ours.  This kind of consumer appetite has allowed our farm to completely move away from confinement agriculture.  Not only that, but to do it at a scale that we would have never imagined as late as 2019. 

One day this past week where this consumer appetite was evident was on Tuesday when it was time for many of you to pick up your fresh chickens.  We were extremely pleased with the response from you all!  Thanks for helping us move some chickens!  If you have photos of your prepared chicken that you wouldn’t mind sharing, we invite you to do so by adding a photo to a Google Review!  We love it when customers show us how they are using the meats they get from us!  Here’s one such photo that a customer just sent us.  Thanks, Heather!

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Improving supply chains to serve you! – Pasture Posts #39

By many accounts the supply chain issues that we are seeing now will likely last long into the future.  The reasons are numerous, and can’t be solved very quickly.  Let’s look at some actions that we, as a farm, are taking to make sure that we have the products your family needs. 

Our farm is definitely not immune to these issues as we have dealt with late-arriving supplies and equipment on numerous occasions during the last year and a half and as recently as this month.  But there are some things that are intrinsic in our business models that insulate us to some degree from the woes that other industries are feeling right now.  

✅ Home-grown forage

The ability to produce forage in great quantities from our land greatly benefits our grass-fed beef enterprise.  As we briefly mentioned in Pasture Posts #36, cows are equipped with a multi-stage stomach that is excellent at breaking down grass into the protein and energy necessary to build muscle and fat.  This unique capability that ruminants have allows us to graze our cattle instead of feeding them grain.  Grass happens to be one thing that our land is able to grow really well, and by using regenerative practices that we discussed in Pasture Posts #29, our land should continue to grow more and more grass each year!

This home-grown forage means that our cattle require a relatively simple and short supply chain when it comes to what they eat.  It’s all grown here on the farm season after season while regenerating the soil!

✅ Local grains and our own trucks

For hogs and chickens we partner with local farmers to source the non-GMO grains we grind for the supplemental feed rations.  We have even added an additional grain/feed truck to our fleet so that we don’t have to rely as heavily on third-party trucks to maintain our grain supplies.  

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Inflation’s Impact on our Farm

It’s a well-known fact by now that inflation is occurring and that it is more heavily felt in food purchases than other sectors of the economy.  

Unfortunately, our farm is not immune to this trend.

Because we view our customers as partners, not merely purchasers, we want to be transparent in how inflation has been impacting our farm business. 

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