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Farm Day Success and More! – Pasture Posts #35

Our first Fall Farm Day was a tremendous success!  We were pleasantly surprised with the turnout which was probably around 200-250 people over the course of the event which lasted from 10am to 2pm yesterday.  

A number of vendors were present including: Stephen and Melissa Woody with woodworking products and homemade baked goods, Carmichael Creations with homemade soaps and scrubs, Rockin’ Rags with homemade dolls and stuffed animals, Eunice Calderon with homemade pottery.  First Due Food Company was also available to those wanting refreshments.  

Kids activities included pumpkin painting, cornhole, a corn tub (which was very popular), sack races, and  pumpkin ring toss.

We had many guesses on the number of candies in the jars as well.  The official number of candies in the candy corn jar was 342, and the number in the pumpkin candy jar was 90.  We will be reaching out shortly to the winners.  

The six hay ride tours were very popular where riders learned about the history of Watson Farms and the transition to completely pasture based.  We then moved to the pigs where we were able to see the current and past paddocks compared to an untouched paddock.  This demonstrated the amount of disturbance pigs can do in a short time.  

Next, we rode out to the broilers where anyone who wished was able to get off and take a closer look at the chickens.  Watching them scramble to get crickets and other bugs was definitely a hit.  The cow herd happened to be in the adjacent pasture so we were able to stop by and take a look at the cows while discussing the regenerative practices that we use in producing our grass-fed beef.  

Finally, as we made the final turn back to the starting point, we could see the laying hens and their pasture houses in the distance.

We very much appreciate everyone who came out and showed support and interest in a pasture-based livestock farm.  We can’t do it without the support of consumers like you!

Check out these videos and photos of other activities this week!

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Our pigs vs. Industrial confinement pigs

For this week’s edition, we wanted to highlight an article that shows you some of the differences between our pasture-raised pork and that produced from industrial systems which make up more than 90% of pork consumed in the U.S.  We originally published this article on our blog about a year ago.  Enjoy!

Today we come to you with some truths explaining what goes on with industrial pork production and grocery store pork and how it is different from Watson Farms Pasture-Raised Pork!

This is how we believe hogs should be raised. ON GRASS. This is the life we choose for our hogs on our farm, but this is not how 90% of hogs in the U.S. are able to live.

Hogs raised on pasture are healthier and produce a better product that consumers are seeking. 

Here are 10 ways that our hogs live a different life than conventionally-raised hogs.

Ours: Mother pigs live and birth naturally and are never confined to crates.
Theirs: Mother pigs confined to crates for the entirety of adult life.

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