Best of Farm Bundle (~15 lbs)


There’s no better way to enjoy what Watson Farms has to offer than one of our Best of Farm Bundles.  These are great if you’re a new customer wanting to try a sampling of our pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken.  This version contains about 15 pounds of premium pastured meats to stock your freezer with.  Find the ~28-pound version here.

Here’s a list of what you will receive with this bundle along with some recipe recommendations for each product:



  • Ground Beef × 3

    Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished on high quality non-GMO forages which produce excellent tasting beef.  None of our animals receive hormones or antibiotics.  Take a look at the video series below to learn more about our grass-fed cattle.

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  • Filet Mignon

    Our Filet is priced at $29.50/lb.

    Each steak is cut 2" thick.

    You will received 2 steaks per pack  Most packs are .8 - 1.1 lbs.

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  • Bacon (sliced, uncured) × 2

    Our Bacon is priced at $9.49 per lb.

    You will receive 1-1.1 lb. per pack.

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  • Pork Chops

    Pork Chops from pasture raised pigs have superior flavor, texture and overall quality.  Try some today!

    $11.49 per lb: Cut 1" thick 2 per pack. .8 - 1.3 lbs each.

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  • Stew Meat × 2

    Our Stew Meat is priced at $9.99/lb.

    Each pack will weigh approximately 1 - 1.25 lb.

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  • Wings (6 Pack)

    Our Chicken Wings are priced at $5.69/lb.

    You will receive 6 wings per pack. Approximately 1.5 - 2 lbs. per pack.

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  • Boneless/Skinless Breasts

    Our Boneless Skinless Breasts are priced at $13.99/lb.

    You will receive 2 per pack.

    Average package weight is 1.4 pounds. Up to 2 lbs. per pack.

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  • Leg Quarters

    Our Leg Quarters are priced at $5.69/lb.

    You will receive 2 leg quarters per pack. Up to 1.9 lbs. per pack.

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  • Mild Sausage × 2

    We raise our pigs outdoors in their natural environment from birth to finish.  They are rotated to new pasture often and provided shade or shelter when needed and always have access to fresh water and a non-GMO feed ration.  Try our sausage today.

    For your convenience, we have made a new addition to our bundle pages! There are now links to recipe suggestions for each cut of meat within your bundle. These are recipes that we thought looked amazing, or recipes that we have personally used and wanted to share! We hope that this will help make each meal time easier for you! If there are any tried and true recipes that you would like to share, please feel free to send those to us via email containing a link to a document or website to your suggestion. You just might see your name alongside your suggestion on our website!

    Email your suggestions and the name you’d like to appear on our website to:

    [email protected]


    1 lb




Additional information

Ground Beef

Ground Beef Bundle Size

1 lb, 20 lb, 40 lb

Mild Sausage

Sausage Bundle Size

1 lb