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This is a bundle of 8 whole broilers.  Average 4 lbs each.  Price estimated at 5 lb max per chicken. This bundle is charged on a per pound basis once we actually assemble the order.

We will be offering FedEx shipping to certain zip codes in the future, and this is one of the bundles that will be eligible for FedEx shipping.  Stay tuned!

Our meat chickens are raised in Salatin-style pasture shelters which are moved to a fresh spot of grass everyday.  This daily move keeps the chickens healthy and eating grass and clover which they love.  That in turn makes tasty chicken!  They are raised on our farm in Chester, SC and processed by us on our farm under federal exemption.  Processing on-farm provides many benefits including:

  • Low stress for the chickens
    • The time that the birds are in transport crates is very short.
    • We can process when we need to to avoid extreme weather conditions.
    • Less time in transport means less time the birds are off feed and water.
  • Quality Control
    • By doing the processing ourselves we can make sure that technical details are attended to properly from how the birds are killed to evisceration to proper cold chain protocols you can be assured that Watson Farms Pastured Broilers are properly cared from the brooder house to the pasture to the freezer.

Of course, the ultimate benefit from our entire broiler operation is that you are served with an excellent quality, pasture-raised, non-GMO fed chicken that you can feel good about feeding your family with.


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