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Ways to save

We wanted to remind you that we have several options available to save money over our regular retail prices.

Of course, buying a half or whole beef or pig is always the most economical.  Now is a great time to put a deposit down for a bulk pork or beef order.  We have processing dates scheduled in the near future for each, and it’s easier than ever to submit your deposit to get your name on our list.  Customers now have the option of submitting their bulk order deposit online.  Go here to submit your deposit via Paypal.

Also, we have several package deals available where you can save $20 on each package. If one of our packages is showing out of stock you may be able to go ahead and order it if we are expecting meat back soon.  It will show as backordered and we will assemble your order as soon as we get enough meat in stock to do so.  Go here to order one of our packages.

As always, thank you for your continued support of local farms and local food.  We hope to hear from you soon.