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Start a Pickup Location

We are excited to announce that we are planning to significantly expand our pastured meat production and marketing efforts this year.  We need your help.  Fill out the form below if you want to start a pickup location for Watson Farms.

One of the best ways we have found to market our products is by finding groups of people who are interested in our products and delivering to a location in their community. This location could be a hostess’ driveway, a church parking lot, a fitness gym, or some other area where customers are able to meet us and pickup their orders.  We bring our truck and start handing out orders as customers arrive.


  • The hostess would receive a 5% preferred-customer discount on her retail order along with having it delivered to her door (if the location is her home).
  • We also offer an appealing referral credit which is a great incentive for the hostess to recruit customers for her location.
  • Most locations would need to average $800 in sales per delivery (possibly more depending on distance). Sufficient time will be provided to allow the location to reach this level (one year maximum).
  • We are usually only at a location for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The hostess is not responsible for customers who don’t pick up.
  • It would work best if the hostess was enthusiastic about our products and was good at getting others to be as well.

If you are interested in starting a pickup location please fill out this form.