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Now feeding Non-GMO Feed!

We are extremely pleased to announce that we now have all the necessary ingredients and all systems are go to begin making and feeding 100% non-GMO feed to our chickens and pigs.  Thanks for your patience as we purchased feed bins, poured concrete, made repairs and finally bought the grain for this goal.  We have heard countless requests from customers over the last 5 years for non-GMO feed and we can now say that all of our livestock – not just cattle – are non-GMO fed.

We are sourcing our non-GMO grains from Barrier Farms.  We can get about 7 ton of corn or soybeans at a time and its about a 5-hour round trip.

If left raw, soybeans contain a natural growth inhibitor.  Barrier Farms roasts the soybeans which eliminates this growth inhibitor and makes them taste better.  We also feel like by using the whole soybean instead of soybean meal we are providing a more nutritious and well-rounded feed for our livestock.

Help us get the word out that all of our meats are now non-GMO fed.  Shop here.

Non-GMO Corn
Whole, roasted, non-GMO soybeans
Soybeans up close
These bins allow us to purchase grain in truck load quantities which is the only way we were able to keep our meat prices competitive.