Watson Farms is pleased to offer premium pasture-raised chicken as part of our pastured meat lineup.  We sell these as whole chickens as well as all the different chicken cuts.  Some are processed on the farm and some are taken to a processing facility. They are fully cleaned and ready to cook.  The average weight is usually around 5 pounds.

These meat chickens are started in a brooder house for the first few weeks after hatching.  Once they develop adult feathers they are moved into a 10’x12′ pasture shelter where they receive fresh air, sunshine and a new “salad bar” every day.  The once-per-day move helps the birds to ingest as much grass as possible and gets them away from yesterday’s manure.  They never receive hormones or antibiotics.

They are supplemented with a non-GMO feed ration that we mill ourselves on the farm to keep our costs low and our prices in check.  These lower prices allow more customers access to premium, non-antibiotic, environmentally-friendly chicken.

The system is modeled closely after the Polyface model for pastured broilers.

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