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What we’re about

From our family to yours, we provide premium pastured proteins including:

  • 100% Grassfed Beef 
  • Pastured Pork
  • Pastured Chicken
  • Pastured Eggs

How we do it:

  • We’re Local

    • Our farm is in Chester and York counties, South Carolina and we provide families all across the Carolinas with high quality pastured proteins that they can feel good about feeding their family with.
  • No Antibiotics

    • When livestock are raised on pasture instead of feedlots or in confinement they usually don’t get sick and don’t need medications.
  • No added hormones

    • We don’t use any hormones (Ralgro) or any other growth promotant to increase rate of gain on our cattle or any of our other livestock.
  • Raised on a family farm

    • We raise our livestock on our farm and are integrally involved in day to day management of those animals. This is a level of involvement not found in industrial mega-farms. This allows you to rest assured knowing that the meat you source from us is from well-cared-for animals that you can feel good about preparing for your family. 

Ready to order?

Head over to the How It Works page!

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Subscription Meat Box

We now offer a Subscription Meat Box with automatic recurring payments.  This is one of our many efforts to offer convenience in addition to high-quality meats.  Click here to purchase.

Features include:

  • 3 Sizes to choose from and 2 frequencies.
  • The box will contain an assortment of cuts based on what we have in stock at the time (much like a CSA).  Customers should look to receive roasts, ground cuts, ribs, steaks, whole chickens, various chicken cuts, etc. throughout the year based on availability.


  • You may pick up your box at any of our delivery locations for a small fee or you may pick it up at the farm for no charge.  Select your preference upon checkout.


  • A recurring payment will be set up and made through PayPal or Stripe where customers may enter the credit or debit card information on our secure site.

Here’s a video overview of a Standard Subscription Box.  This is just an example.  The cuts you receive will vary based on our current inventory, which is how we are able to offer it at a discount.

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Bulk Beef

There are many advantages of buying your grass-fed beef in bulk:

  • Save money over purchasing beef at retail rates. Most customers can save $150 on a half and around $400 on a whole compared to retail prices.
  • Have it cut to your specifications.
  • Save trips to the store by always having beef conveniently in your freezer.
  • Click here to go to our Bulk Beef Page.