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Cutting through the claims in grass-fed beef – Pasture Posts #48

Hello again from Watson Farms!

One intention we have with these newsletters is to provide valuable information that can help you stay informed about our food system.  Being that you’re already some of the most informed consumers out there, that can be a daunting task, but hopefully with this issue you will learn something about our food system that you didn’t already know.  

One of the largest problems in our food system today is that consumers can’t easily cut through all the marketing jargon to see how the animals are actually raised.  Many consumers subconsciously give up the struggle to find truth in what they consume, and settle for labels that paint a rosy picture.  

We’re glad you have decided to go beyond the labels, and in the following paragraphs I hope to remind you of five misleading claims that have likely driven you to that decision.

After all, I know how disgusted it makes me feel when I have invested my dollars in something that doesn’t live up to the claims.

Unfortunately, that is happening on a daily basis when consumers buy beef.

Let’s begin:

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Caring for livestock in wintry weather ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ – Pasture Posts #47

We hope that everyone who has gotten the winter weather, as we have here at the farm, is doing well and staying warm. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a look at some extra measures we take to care for the animals that you all entrust us with. As your farmer, we feel obligated to be transparent with our practices, so we put together a video this morning showing how we keep our animals fed, sheltered, and bedded during winter weather.

The layer chickens are pretty cozy this time of year in an up-fitted turkey barn that has a deep layer of pine shavings so they didn’t make an appearance in this video. On the other hand, the cattle and hogs stay on pasture year-round so we have to take some extra measures to ensure their well-being during winter weather events. Take a look!

Pigs are a little more susceptible to wintry weather than cattle as they don’t have the hide like cattle do.  So we try to provide them with some more substantial shelter and bedding which they love.  The main objective for our cattle during winter weather events is to provide them plenty of forage (we never feed grain) and some access to wind breaks (trees).  

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High Density Grazing

With our spring grass at a very high rate of growth we are rotating our cattle over it very often and at a high density as well. This yields many benefits from the cattle’s rate of gain to soil health. We’re sequestering carbon while producing a premium quality grass-finished beef product. It’s truly a win for all involved!

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Reserve your custom-cut beef!

Act fast! Limited time and slots.

This has been a very popular option over the years for customers wanting the flexibility of steak type and thickness as well as roast size and many other options. We have a ton of information on our Custom Beef page about how it works. Don’t worry, we’ve refined the process over the years to make it pretty easy. Oh, and you can save money also!

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Working Calves

Check out our latest video and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to be notified every time we upload new content!

About twice per year we work all our new calves which allows us to manage them efficiently throughout the rest of their lives as we grass-finish them. This is usually the only time that we have to put them through the head-gate. We’re careful that this day goes as stress-free as possible which is key to delicious grass-finished beef.

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Farm Update (5-8-18)

We will be processing our broiler chickens on farm this week!  This means you have the opportunity to pick some up fresh here at the farm on Wednesday afternoon through Saturday of this week!  Just go here to place your pre-order.

We’re also harvesting beeves this week to keep our freezers stocked with wonderful grass-finished beef.  Our bulk bundles are very popular.  Check them out here!

Lastly, the Ag and Art Tour is coming up on June 9!  This is a great time to see our farm. Hope to see you then!