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Order Information

There are several ways to get Watson Farms Pastured Meats.

Buying Clubs

Place your order on our website under the shop option in the tool bar and select one of our delivery options as you checkout.  See our Ordering and Delivery page for more information.  Keep a check on our blog and calendar for important dates and events.

Home Delivery

We now offer home delivery to customers who live in one of our designated zip codes.  See our Ordering and Delivery page for more information on this service.

Farm Store

We also have a farm store at our house that offers another option for order pick up and allows you to avoid any delivery fees.  Farm Store hours are by appointment only.  It may also be possible for us to provide a short tour of parts of the farm if our schedule allows.  Just let us know ahead of time if you are interested.

Other notes

We try to keep enough beef on hand year-round, but depending on many variables (weather, processor schedule, order volume, etc.) we may be out at certain times.  Inventory in our online store is updated often.

Bulk Ordering

If you would like to save money, have more customization, and you have enough freezer space a bulk pork or bulk beef order may be the way to go.  After you look at these links, communicate with us that you would like to do this and we’ll let you know approximately when the next half or whole will be available.


Payments can be made with cash or check.  Make checks payable to Watson Farms.  All retail customers will receive a detailed receipt that gives individual package weights and totals.