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New video on how we raise our pigs!

Take a look at an overview of our pastured pig operation.

Sale! – Help us make room in our freezer!

We will be processing all types of our livestock soon and we need to make some room in our walk-in freezers.


We’re now offering price breaks on our sausages.  The bigger the bundle, the better the rate.  And we’re even putting some bundle sizes on sale this month.  Here’s the links to our sausage products: Mild and Hot.  Bratwursts are also on sale and are great on the grill.


We have lots of ground beef on hand, and we’re offering discounts on several of our bundle sizes.  (Prices as low as $5.50/lb!)

Be on the lookout for more upcoming sales.   Here’s a schedule of our upcoming deliveries.  Take notice that Charleston and Columbia deliveries have been moved to Saturdays now.

Bulk Beef and Pork

We will be processing beeves on August 22nd and pigs on August 28th. Now is the time to get your bulk orders in!!

It will be a couple of months before we process beef again and it will be several months before we process pigs again.

You have a few different options.

You can choose a custom half or whole beef and pay on the hanging weight. This is where you will tell us your cutting instructions. Here is a link to the pricing.  If you want a half or whole pig where you choose the cutting instructions then you can follow this link and see the pricing for them. If you want to do one of these options you can make your deposit at this link and then Kelly will email you the cutting instructions form to fill out.

If you want to take some of the thinking out of it then you can choose one of our bundles. With beef you can choose an 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or whole. You can follow this link and it will show you what is included in the package and also the total cost. We also offer pork bundles and you can get a 1/4, 1/2 or whole. You can follow this link and it will show you what comes in the package and what the total cost would be.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in one of these options email

We would also like to offer an incentive to all of our customers. If you refer a NEW customer to us and they place an order for one of our bulk options then you will get a $75 credit on your account. This will only apply if the customer is NEW. When they place the order they will need to let us know who referred them. Who doesn’t want $75 in FREE product??

We have lots of exciting things happening at Watson Farms.  Check out our calendar below for upcoming deliveries. We appreciate each one of you and thank you for your business and support of our farm!!

We’re looking for wholesale opportunities

If you know of a restaurant or other establishment that would like to offer our products help us get the word out.

Pastured pork update

We recently moved our feeder pigs to a new paddock and refilled their feeder with non-GMO feed we mill on farm.  We use whole roasted soybeans which we expect the pigs will find more tasty than their previous ration.

Also, our sows have all finished farrowing and we have around 40 little pigs running around as well as the 5 sows.

If you know a restaurant, grocery store, or other establishment that would be interested in wholesale pricing on pork or any other products we offer, then please tell them about us.  All of our products are truly pastured and rotated as they should be.  They are also non-GMO fed now.