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Making non-GMO hog feed!

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Winter hay program

Pastured Layer Chicken Update

New Delivery Locations Added!

We’ve added three new delivery locations in the Charlotte area and we just got some pork back and have updated our inventory!

Pasture Farrowing

Greenville-area Deliveries Coming Up!

Just a reminder for our Greenville customers: We are coming to you on Saturday, Jan. 20!  See the Calendar below.  All other customers may come by the Farm Store or stay tuned to see when we’re coming your way.  

Benefits of a Pasture-based Farm

Every once in a while, especially after a week of extreme weather like this past one, I and other farmers have to remind ourselves why we chose to raise livestock on pasture.  So here’s a few reasons among many: On pasture is the animal’s…

Raw Milk now available!

We now offer Raw Milk! We are excited to announce that we will now be carrying raw milk from Milky Way Farm located in Starr, SC.  They are a small family farm and have been in the dairy business for a long time. The…

Christmas Piggies!

We just checked the farrowing pasture and not everyone came up for their daily feeding.  When a sow is too busy to come eat, you know she must be doing something really important.  Sure enough she was feeding her new litter of 8-10 little…